Are you looking for an excellent translation from German into Spanish of a text on a general subject or in the fields of language and literature, humanities, art, history, education, development cooperation, sociology or political science?

Would you like to translate a literary text from German into Spanish and that it does not lose its literary value?

Do you need a legal translation (signed and sealed by an authorised sworn translator) of a document from German into Spanish, or from Spanish into German? Such documents are, for instance: academic certificates and reports; employment references; certificates of birth, of parentage, of marriage, of death; powers of attorney; contracts and other certificates.

Do you have a text conceived in Spanish or translated into Spanish which you would like to improve in its accuracy and style to make just the best of it?

Are you looking for a competent, sworn interpreter for your civil wedding or any kind of visit to the authorities in or around Berlin?

Then you have come to the right place to find the best solution of your needs! As a qualified and experienced translator in literary and social studies and as a sworn translator for the languages German and Spanish, I will be pleased to provide the best services translating and optimizing texts.

To receive a tentative offer based on your individual requirements, please contact me at info@borsanitranslations.com

Of course, your documents and information will remain confidential, also in the case that we do not receive your order.